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Bigger and better: West Philly Porchfest has quickly become a thing | West Philly Local

It’s Saturday morning and the weather’s beautiful so you have your windows open. You’re rolling out of bed and you hear music coming in from the streets. It’s a lazy morning but you walk outside anyway because the weather’s perfect. You notice scattered clusters of crowds listening to music around a porch here and a porch there. A man comes out of his house with a pastry and a coffee, he’s sitting on his porch while enjoying a live band playing on his neighbor’s porch.
Technical.ly Delaware

Meet WilmU's Scott Shaw, Delaware's godfather of gaming

Imagine being in the business of making learning into a game. That’s exactly what Scott Shaw does. He created and currently chairs the Game Design and Development program at Wilmington University. After running his own game design firm in the late ’90s and early 2000s, he didn’t exactly envision teaching as a potential career path back then. He just wanted to make games. Shaw talked to us about his first job, and why he picked up Pokémon to get closer to his son.
Technical.ly Delaware

'Drones will be as big as the internet': conference draws UAV pros to Cape May

Delaware drone boosters were there in force. Here's why they think the First State is sitting on a golden opportunity. There are economic drivers that Delaware can take advantage of, especially in the lower parts of the state. Judging the Delaware presence at the conference, I wouldn’t be surprised if the drone industry in Delaware started to bloom in the next year or two. And you know, the term “Delaware drone industry” does have a nice ring to it.
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Meet WilmToday, the city's rose-colored foray into the content game

You might have seen a new publication crop up recently under the name WilmToday. No, it’s not affiliated with Rob Martinelli’s magazine, Delaware Today. It’s actually a new reputation management campaign helmed by the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development. The Mayor's Office of Economic Development thinks “good” news can boost Wilmington's online reputation. That's why it's backing this new “social news destination.”
Mainline Today

Upper Darby's Girls Auto Clinic Welcomes Women in Mechanics

The Phoenixville native’s passion to do more eventually pushed her in a different direction. In her final months with the chemical giant, Banks took a personal-development role to support fellow engineers. That small taste of teaching others has led to Girls Auto Clinic, a unique female-focused shop that’s scheduled to open this fall in Upper Darby. “DuPont really set me up nicely,” says the 35-year-old Banks. “I wanted to fix things, solve problems, look for resources. That’s what engineers do.”
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Curry Bird brings dumplings and bubble tea to 46th and Woodland | West Philly Local

After working as a server in Philadelphia for many years, Guo ‘Sunni’ Tang was done. “As a server, you work 12 hours a day and don’t make much money,” she explained. “I want to make more money to improve life for my parents.” Driven by a goal of supporting her aging parents and the desire to provide a wider selection of food for the University of the Sciences student population and the area surrounding it, Tang decided to open a dumpling and bubble tea spot.
West Philly Local

Boujie Babes, a hair salon with purpose,

There’s a new type of hair salon opening on Thursday, May 11 and it’s not your typical beauty parlor. Owner Jennell Moody, 34, wants to focus on developing young minds as well. Moody grew up in a single parent household in North Philly, a part of the city where she was born and raised. Her mother worked long hours to support her family, but Moody wishes she had more resources to work early on in her life. This is why she decided to instill a social mission into her business.
The Philadelphia Citizen

Meet the Disruptor: Skyless Games

We all have friends who have suffered from a Candy Crush addiction. Studies show that people spend around three billion hours a week playing online games. To 26-year-old Aradhya Malhotra, that always seemed like time that could have been better spent volunteering or forwarding a social cause. So the Drexel graduate, along with co-founders Chris Bennett and Oleks Levtchenko at Skyless Games, figured out how to cut into those hours by “gamifying” social causes. “Our approach to video games is gen
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